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The Road, has new direction….

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If the second recently released trailer for The Road has told Babydylan one thing, its that the film is looking to be thee most important picture of 2009, if not for the past ten years. In contrast to the first, the second trailer convinces me that the picture has retained the original message so eloquently written about in the book (although I’d thought that for awhile, not only because ‘DissolvedPet’ pipped up and told me that The Road is suspected to be “pretty fucking brutal”). Hopefully this film will walk the same line as previous documentaries, ala The Inconvenient Truth, and give those in denial about Global Warming a firm kick up the bum. In fact I can imagine the irony of the film being more succesful than docos at conveying the message (it being a ‘work of fiction’ and all). Anyway, heres the trailer….tell us what you think!


The Road, it’s going somewhere……..

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A few years ago my mums partner gave me a book for Christmas called The Road, a novel by Cormac McCarthy (author of No Country for Old Men). The book was about a father and a son making their way through a desolute and post-apocalyptic version of earth, camping in the ruins of buldings, encountering savage locals and all the while trying their hardest to fulfill a ‘quest’. What kind of quest, we didn’t know. I may be an exception, but it took me while to figure out that the novel’s world has been ruined by global warming (and the other grievances commited by us, the humans). I could see the futuristic element to it, but the idea of the earth having been ruined by polution and the novel therefore being a critic of how we’re dealing with global emmisions wasn’t immediatly obvious, at least to me. My mums partner understood the premise straight away.

Thats because at some points the narrative moves past its setting to focus on the relationship between the father and the son, the most poignant and heartrenching part of the whole text. The novel has since become one of my favourites, because it balances this relationship with its subtle attack on how we are treating our planet. Its a reminder that nomatter what happens, we do our best to survive and that love conquers all etc.

Now the novel has been adapted for the big screen by Australian John Hillcoat (director of The Proposition and Ghosts….of the Civil Dead). Whilst it is in capable hands, the recently released trailer was disapointing, as the film looks like it has focused on the ‘disaster’ element of the novel, and has ignored all the rest. It reminds me of The Day After Tomorow, or the new trailer for 2012. Hopefully it is true to the text, and they’ve just cut it this way to get more bums on seats, but then i guess only time will tell………..