A Short Piece on ‘The Ghost’

Roman Polanski fans from all around the world (myself included, in fact…I am the frontrunner of his fan base) rejoiced at the news of his upcoming feature, titled The Ghost, because many thought that it would literally be about a ghost, and thus be a new horror film.

The disappointment was due to the fact that Polanski directs the most amazing horror, from the overtly scary, ie. Rosemary’s Baby, Repulsion, The Tenant (which form a loose trilogy) and The Ninth Gate, to those which take place in a subtle, morally corrupt world ie. All of his other work. Polanski thinks of himself as having a total rational view of the world, he is a complete agnostic, and therefore does not believe in any supernatural, either evil or good. Thus his work is afflicted with that shred of rationality, that maybe the ‘evil’ which takes place in his horror is not supernatural, but is real and that humans can be held accountable for it. Fan boys wanted to see Polanski take the genre and yet again smack it down the ball park, however the plotline for his next picture is far removed from any ghost story, although it could still be called a horror film.

A Ghostwriter (someone who writes the ‘autobiography’ of someone else) is employed to ‘write’ the memoirs of Great Britain’s last Prime Minister. A leader who was elected under the promise of bringing change to England, and who was representative of overturning ‘Thatcherism’, but who was forcibly retired under allegations of corruption and of encouraging the war on terror (its impossible to have a war against a bloody emotion, but I’ll keep my feelings aside). As you may have guessed, the British Prime Minister in The Ghost, Adam Lang, is a not so subtle representation of Britain’s ex Prime Minister Tony Blair. Whilst writing the memoir the Ghostwriter encounters scandals and what not and trouble starts to brew……

I’m currently reading the book at the moment (I’m interested in how it’ll compare to the film when it comes out, its due for release in 2010) but I know that whilst its not conventional horror materiel, Polanski will still create a totally amoral, corrupt world in the film that will rival most horrors, and because of the relevancy of its topic, Polanski will not doubt create a thriller that will be all the more scary and horrifying because it is partially based on fact. A reminder to us that evil and yuckiness can exist, a sentiment echoed in all of Polanski’s work.

As soon as some pictures from the film are released they will be uploaded quicksticks.


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